May 24, 2022
Our eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics are made from fruits and plants. Interestingly, they retain the goodness of their raw materials when spun into fabrics!

We are Anokha Bandhan – a brand associated with creating environmentally responsible garments from natural resources. Our designs delicately fuse contemporary styles with rich Indian tradition.

From designing clothes to procuring fabrics to manufacturing and delivering – all our processes are closely monitored to reduce carbon footprint and strengthen our sustainability quotient.

Our designs are simple yet stylish. They provide a lot of opportunities to you for accessorizing and reinventing the ‘look’ every time the same design is worn. This reduces the need to buy often and hence also reduces the need for production.

Do you know Fashion Industry is the second most polluting industry in the world! Whether it is air, soil, or water, fashion lends a hand in increasing all pollutions. More production means more pollution.
With versatile designs, we strive to reduce production and hence the pollution.


We are truly proud of the FABRICS that we use. These certified fabrics are made from plants and fruit by-products. They use much less water vis-à-vis cotton and zero fossil fuels and a lot less compared to synthetic fabrics. Our super fabrics are eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic. Fruit fabrics, such as ‘orange peel fabric’, retain the Vitamin C from the fruit while ‘aloe fabric’ transfers the goodness of its gel to our skin every time the garment is worn. Hemp has properties that can protect you from ultraviolet rays.

Synthetic fibres, such as polyester, are plastic fibres, therefore non-biodegradable. All our fabrics are made from natural resources and are therefore fully biodegradable.

Our manufacturing goals are environmentally friendly. We do not stock designs in all sizes because the unsold pieces would go waste and increase the already brimming to the top landfill sites. While we offer a choice of both standard sizes and customized sizes to our customers, we do not start manufacturing till we receive an order. So we have ZERO INVENTORY! and there is zero risk of wasting clothes.

Delivering products to each customer separately can spin our carbon footprint the wrong way. To mitigate this loss we have taken the following steps:

  1. We try to ‘car pool’ the orders going to nearby locations, which is why we have a liberal delivery timeline of 10 days.
  2. To offset our unpreventable carbon emissions due to deliveries, Anokha Bandhan plants TREES!
According to CO2 Living, one fully grown native tree can take care of 0.2 Tons of CO2 while a delivery scooter/ bike produces 105g of CO2 per Km.

Therefore, if we plant ten trees for every 10,000km covered, we have achieved the offset mission and in the process have also provided a little extra oxygen as well asnatural habitation to birds and animals, have strengthened soil, and have created beautiful green surroundings.


Did you know that our everyday house plants also help offset CO2? They can absorb .0001Kg - .0002KgCO2 over a period of 24 hours, depending on the type of plant. So let’s begin this journey together to reduce our carbon footprint and save Mother Earth.

As they say, charity begins from home !

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