Anokha Bandhan, a unique connect, empowers women to choose clothes made from natural and organic fabrics which are eco-friendly, sustainable and bio-degradable. Our designs revel in the anokha bandhan between Indian traditional crafts and contemporary styles.

Our Sustainability Quotient


The basic raw material of any apparel- is where we embark on our journey towards sustainability. Our certified fabrics are eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. They are made of fibres from the by-products of plants and fruits. Orange fabric, for example, is made from the peels of orange, banana fibre is made from the stem of the tree which is otherwise removed after one harvest, aloe Vera fabric is made from the skin of the stem after the gel has been used and so on. We also use organic cotton as a sustainable substitute to cotton.

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All our designs are ‘made to order’. For ease of selection, we provide an option of standard sizes and also of customising our designs for all unique body types and sizes. This not only saves you from after purchase alterations but also strengthens our sustainability quotient as we sew only when you order. There are no ‘readymade’ pieces in our inventory leading to zero wastage of garments.



We use only Natural dyes or azo free dyes. Natural Dyes come from natural material like and are completely biodegradable. Azo-free refers to dyes that do not contain the main known carcinogenic compounds found in most commonly used dyes. Natural dyes and Azo free dyes may bleed in first few washes. We therefore recommend dry clean to maintain longevity of the fabric and the colour.


Our packaging boxes are made of Kraft paper. Kraft materials use all types of wood including the left out wood when creating regular paper products. Almost all chemicals that are used in its manufacturing are reused making it an eco-friendly choice for us. Kraft paper, under the right conditions, is fully biodegradable. It can also be reused several times before it loses fibre strength.


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Lets grow plants

We are happy to share that Anokha Bandhan planted 101 trees on inception. To continue this gesture towards Mother Earth, we will carry on with tree plantation according to the seasons. Our target is to grow trees after every twenty-one purchases.

We wholeheartedly request you all to grow trees and plants and become a part of our sustainability quotient. We believe together we can make an impact in saving the earth from the harmful effects of the fashion industry. image


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