Our Carbon Footprint

What is Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is simply defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are released in the environment by our actions.

Anokha Bandhan’s Carbon Footprint

Anokha Bandhan is striving to achieve a lower carbon footprint on regular basis. With your help we may even succeed in becoming carbon neutral.

To begin with, we have consciously chosen to not be a part of ‘linear fashion’- where Clothes are made from synthetic fibres derived, from fossil fuels making fabric production a high- energy-consuming process. This leads to the emission of not only Carbon dioxide but other harmful gases also. Once transformed into garments, they quickly end up in landfills due to the short life span given the poor quality and fast fashion trends.

To eradicate this problem from our manufacturing chain, we have happily joined hands with super fabrics that are either produced from plants or from by-products of plants. They do not burn fossil fuels thereby reducing Carbon in the atmosphere. Such fabrics are cyclic in nature because they are bio-degradable or recyclable and do not end crowd the landfills.

The journey from Raw Material to Compost

  • 1. Raw material Production –

  • Our raw materials are derived from two sources –

    • a. Our super fabrics are by-products of plants or fruits or even clothes (Recycled cotton) which require no land, water, fertilizers or pesticides for their growth.
    • b. Our Organic fabrics are ethically produced, are chemical free, consume less water and are not genetically modified.
  • 2. Fibre to fabric

    All fabrics used by Anokha Bandhan are certified fabrics – GOTS, FSC, GRS, EPFC STANDARDS (Ecological Plant Fibre Certification) and Uster certification. The certification implies that the production to the manufacturing of fabric has been carefully monitored for environmental and social impacts.

  • 3. Garment manufacturing –

    • a. While our fabrics are eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable, the dyes we use are also either natural or azo-free. However, most of our garments are in white colour doing away with the need for dyeing!
    • b. Our designs are simple but stylish. They can be worn with various accessories to give you a new look every time, thereby reducing your need to buy ‘new’ clothes frequently. All our dresses can be worn as dresses alone or as short or long kurta along with pants.
    • c. We give you a choice of customised clothes thereby negating our need to sew and keep clothes ready. We therefore have zero inventory and stich only 24 hours after an order has been placed.
  • 4. Packaging –

    Our packaging resonates our thoughts towards sustainability. It is made of recycled Kraft paper and can be used a number of times before it can be recycled again. Please read more about our Packaging here.

  • 5. Transporting the garment –

    Our delivery time is inclusive of the days we wait to combine packages that have to go to nearby places within India so that the couriers can be ‘car-pooled’, thereby achieving a lower carbon footprint.

    For a greener planet, we have chosen not to provide Cash on Delivery choice to our customers. This is to avoid multiple trips possibly due to cancellations of ever-changing minds. image

Further, in order to mitigate unpreventable carbon emissions, Anokha Bandhan reinforces its zero carbon footprint mission by planting trees. This not only helps in effectively offsetting our carbon emissions but also improves the natural environment for the benefit of climate, wildlife and people.

We welcome you to be a part of our journey!

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