Our Story

Our Story

About Anokha-Bandhan

Envisioned by siblings with an Anokha Bandhan (unique relationship), Ms Mauli Halan (fashion designer running a ladies’ wear boutique since 2000) and Ms Aditi Gupta Arora (practicing architect since 2000), in February 2022, Anokha Bandhan, is a unique concept to design and provide women apparel made of rare plant and fruit based luxurious fabrics. These fabrics are eco- friendly, sustainable and bio- degradable. They are soft-on-your-skin, are long lasting, comfortable and unique.

Our style

Anokha Bandhan creates environmentally responsible garments that are beautifully fused with rich Indian tradition. Each creation undergoes a rigorous process of design and development before reaching you.

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a pioneering brand that strengthens the natural bond between the two vivacious creations of the Almighty – Earth and Women – through the use of ‘super fabrics’ that are kind to Mother Earth as well as stylish, comfortable and healthy for women. We aspire to be known as an ethical fashion brand which will help reduce the carbon footprint of every woman and help in achieving a greener planet. Anokha Bandhan is a brand that women will associate with contemporary and comfortable style, versatility and one that is nestled in Indian tradition.

Our Sustainability Quotient

Fabrics are the building blocks of any garment. Therefore, to achieve sustainable and carbon- neutral goals, our circular fashion starts and ends with fabrics and their raw materials. With the advent of fast fashion, production of fabrics and clothes has increased drastically and led to increased unnecessary consumption. Why is this bad? Because fast fashion encourages mass production of cheap, disposable clothing that wear out quickly. Most of these clothes are made of synthetic fibres like nylon, polyester, etc. which have plastic in their composition and are not biodegradable. They add to landfill loads and may take more than 200 years to biodegrade. Research shows that fashion industry is the second largest pollutant after fuel! Besides, filling up landfills, synthetic garments release micro-fibres into water every time they are washed. These micro fibres make their way into the ocean. They have been discovered in several aquatic organisms and fishes from where these microfibers enter our food chain Wearing synthetic fibres also mean releasing plastic microfibers into the air. According to sustainyourstyle.org, one human being “could release almost 300 million polyester microfibers per year to the environment by washing their clothes, and more than 900 million by simply wearing the garments”. You would think, cotton is much better and you are right. Cotton does not release microfibers in water or air but it still leads to huge amounts of soil and water pollution. Cotton crops require large amounts of water (an already scarce resource)- for production. Further the GMO (genetically modified seeds)seeds are protected by heavy use of chemicals and fertilizers that not only harms farmers but also lead to water pollution and soil degradation. Anokha Bandhan gives you an opportunity to make a choice! Adopt low or almost no water consuming certified fabrics which are sustainable and biodegradable and indulge in guilt-free shopping, from today!!.

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